Calligraphy Lettering Typedesign


b. 1986, HK.



Royal Unibrew



Voice Design


Frem Sodavand



MY BACKGROUND Penmaniac & Inklover

At the age of 15 I fell in love with letters and the work with pen, ink and paper. The fascination of seeing lettershapes and words flow from the pen as I write, is still the same simple joy of giving shape to language.
My work is divided into three areas: calligraphy, lettering and typedesign. Essentially they are different disciplines, but in a natural way they seem to overlap and flow together in all my work.

HOW I WORK Letters drawn from scratch

I like the interaction between myself and the client. In fact the best work comes from the colaboration with creatives and the feedback I recieve. What I offer is a creative, quality conscious and – above all – personally engaged service helping you and your business to find the right solution letterwise. As I draw all letters from scratch I can guarantee that the client recieve a product which is both unique and meets their specific neccesities.