Lettering Workshop / Foreningen for boghåndværk / 24–26 april
A fun weekend workshop working with brush based logotypes, organized by the association for bookcrafts, in Copenhagen.


Oriol Miró & Allan Daastrup / 28th of June – 4th of July, 2015 / Jyderup Højskole, Denmark
We propose celebrating the 1902th birthyear of the letters of the Trajan Column*, dedicating a week to the study, exploration and continuous development of this magnificent alphabet! Poised, restrained, ethereal — expressive, flamboyant, ludical. Though using the Imperial Roman Majuscules of the Trajan Column, as our formal reference, in the workshop we set out to explore the creative potential of the roman majuscule, rather than orthodox recreation of the Trajan letters. More info at www.jyderuphojskole.dk or www.oriolmiró.com. [Download PDF]