SCHIØTZ Design of logo and several custom typefaces for the label, packaging and promotional material. The »Schiøtz« beer is brewed in honour of Ludvig Theodor Schiøtz (1821-1900) – founder of the »Albani Brewery« on Funen, Denmark. Schiøtz was a pharmacist and lover of nature and poetry and poured all of that into his passion for brewing beer. The beer is brewed in colaboration with master brewer Anders Kissmeyer and features three rich and flavourfully exiting variants. Label design and packaging was done by Signe Wiggers and Laust Pedersson/Montdor, and the design and concept send in the right direction by art director Poul Mikkelsen. All illustrations was beautifully created by Christian Funder. [photography and artwork© of Montdor]